I really hope that you may find ServStop useful.

It grew out of a personal desire to stop several services at once while not having to change startup types or stop them one at a time.


2010-03-12 : There are many things I would like to do with ServStop, such as:
  • implement IBindingList to support list sorting
  • periodically check running service state and update interface accordingly
  • (possibly) disable form resize
  • add ability to remove service from a user list if it is stopped when list is loaded
  • implement help file
  • give user ability to cancel service stoppage, if possible
  • ability to load a user list and commence stoppage via command-line
  • ability to drag-and-drop user list
  • (possibly) ability to START services
  • code cleanup (I'm a bad boy, violated DRY)
  • investigate practicality of MVP/MVC

Project Description
ServStop is a .NET application that makes it easy to stop several system services at once. Now you don't have to change startup types or stop them one at a time. It has a simple list-based interface with the ability to save and load lists of user services to stop. Written in C#.

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